United Regional recognizes women at its Celebrating Women Luncheon

United Regional recognizes women at its Celebrating Women Luncheon

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - United Regional recognized all that women do with its "Celebrating Women Luncheon" on Saturday.

Doctor Pamela Peeke and Phyllis Cowling, United Regional's CEO, talked about what women can do to stay healthy, happy and productive.
Cowling said women are not only taking care of themselves, but they make 94-percent of the health care decisions for their entire family.

Cowling and Dr. Peeke said that is why this event is important, to make sure women have the resources and knowledge needed to make healthy decisions.

"We don't always take care of ourselves very well, we are so busy taking care of everybody else," said Cowling. "So, we want to remind women that it's okay to take care of themselves."

Dr. Peeke told the women at the luncheon to stop treating themselves like a science fair project, and she offered them this advice.

"You are a human being," said Dr. Peeke. "How about creating a lifestyle you can live with, and then show some self-compassion. You know it's tough out there. Of course you're overwhelmed, we are all overwhelmed, but don't take it out on yourself."

Dozens were at the event and not only learned information to help them manage their own health, but gave funds to benefit the health of other women.

Those proceeds will be used to provide mammograms for women who otherwise could not afford them.

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