Putting Others First: Restaurant owner holds on to traditional values

WICHITA FALLS, TX - One restaurant in Texoma is known not only for the food, but for the staff that works there.
El Mejicano is one of the oldest Mexican  restaurants in town, opening its doors in 1983 by Richard Cantu, owner of Cantu Services.  The vision of Cantu which is to serve others has stayed the same. 
"He has brought that and taught that to all of us to be appreciative, to support and to help as much as we can," said Jennine Garcia, the granddaughter of Richard Cantu.  
Carlos Paniagua has been a manager at El Mijicano for 13 years and he says during his time there he has seen the love Cantu has for people.
"School clothes for the children," said Paniagua.  "He'll give Christmas gifts out at Christmas gift parties for the children and for the employees."
 Cantu served in the military for 22 years.  He started out as a cook in Vietnam and then retired after doing a stint at Sheppard Air Force Base.   His granddaughter says he shows his love for our service members through his restaurant. 
"My grandfather loves to pick up the check for as many service members as he can," said Garcia.  "Sheppard is a very important part of the town and we do the best we can to support it."
She describes her grandfather as working from the bottom up to where he is today--she says he has never forgotten where he came from--and treats everyone the same.
"He has always had an appreciation for people who work hard," said Garcia.  "Everyone from our pot and pan workers to our dish washers to our servers, are just as important to the company as all of us that work at the corporate office."
For Paniagua, it's the love for his employees and others that makes Cantu Services and El Mejicano what it is today. 
"He takes good care of us and we take good care of him"