A thief gets outsmarted by technology

A thief gets outsmarted by technology

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A man was arrested in Wichita Falls this weekend for stealing other people's stuff out of two trucks. It was a crime of opportunity. The two trucks were unlocked. Police got a call from South Sheppard Glen on Saturday. The victim owns both of the trucks. She told police someone broke into her Chevy Silvarado parked in front of her house and then got into her garage and broke into an SUV parked inside.

A MacBook Pro, two iPads, a purse, a wallet and a pair of diamond earrings worth $7 thousand dollars. Police say that's what the victim of Saturday's robbery says was stolen.

"The victim noticed some strange charges on her Amazon account and noticed some strange email addresses. At that point she used the GPS on her computer to see where it was located."

She tracked her computer to a house on Barrett Place. Using technology to bust the burglar she went to the address and then called police.

"Anytime you are in a situation like this and you do get the GPS coordinates we suggest that you contact an officer first before making any contact."

Police got a search warrant and arrested Kyle Lunger who is 31 and 24 year old Stephany Baxter. They found some of the stolen stuff in the house and Lunger admitted to taking it. Baxter was arrested for a warrant and drug charge.

Police and tech experts say activating the find my device function on your smartphone, tablet and computer is easy and can help get your device back if it's stolen or lost.

On a Mac you go to the iCloud System Preferences, enable the Find My Mac feature and log into iCloud.

"If someone were to take your computer and join a WiFi somewhere else it checks in with iCloud and provides your GPS location through the internet."

On your iPhone - go to Settings and turn on Find My iPhone. It's the same with the iPad. If you have a PC or Android there's a great app you can download. Remember LoJack for your car? Tech experts say they have one for your device.

"It's a piece of software that runs in the background. It provides a great way to find your device, PC, Mac, Android, whatever. Windows may have their own tracking system but I think LoJack is better than what windows provides."

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