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Local G.O.P. women respond to recent Trump allegations

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The presidential election is less than a month away and many people are having trouble getting past some of Donald Trump's latest sexual assault claims, along with what he said to Billy Bush.
Some Republicans have distanced themselves from him, but many Wichita County women are standing behind the candidate.
    "I'm heavily supporting Donald Trump," Peggy Mew, a member of the Wichita County Republican Women's group, said.
Mew is not the only one. 
Others have forgiven him.
    "He apologized for what he said, which they had on tape," Mew said. "I don't believe any of the attacks on the women. They have proven several of them already are not true."
    "We've had presidents before with activities that the American people might think were shocking back in the days it happened," Marjie Carter, a member of the Wichita County group, said. "But yet they were still able to govern our nation."
Mew and Carter both said they are more concerned with Hillary Clinton's emails.
    "We need to know why she ended up sending emails on a server that was non-secure," Carter said.
Both women have a message to other women voters that may be undecided.
    "We really need to look within ourselves, and then look without to see what is needed for our own families," Carter said.
    "I have seen more women transfer to Trump since they have come out with this," Mew said. Friends of mine that maybe weren't going to vote for him because they just didn't think he was conservative enough or republican enough have seen Clinton's droppings."
Mew said that her top priority is for the United States to stay a free country, while Carter said the military and high income are on the top of her list.
While both women support Trump, they both believe he was wrong and do not want to see behavior, which he said was in his past, anytime in his future in the White House.

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