Wichita Falls mayoral candidate's plans for downtown development

Wichita Falls mayoral candidate's plans for downtown development

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - With the election just weeks away, two candidates are working to convince voters they have what it takes to lead the city of Wichita Falls, and that includes taking on concerns about the city's downtown.

When it comes to their plans for downtown Wichita Falls, both candidates agree it needs some work.

Tim Ingle, mayoral candidate and District 1 Council member, said not only does Wichita Falls' downtown need to grow, but the city needs to maintain its history.

While candidate Stephen Santellana, Wichita Falls District 1 City Council member, believes once the businesses and apartments that are in the process of opening up are finished, the downtown area will naturally grow.

However, both of these men said the city needs to help attract new businesses to downtown Wichita Falls.

"As investors want to come down here and invest, we're trying to find out more ways we can partner with them to make it easy for them to grow our downtown," said Tim Ingle.

Ingle said he has studied the economy of Wichita Falls and knows what works and what does not. He adds he knows what economic policies need to happen and believes downtown is the best place to grow.

Stephen Santellan said, "It's going to have to be a public and a private effort.  You're actually going to have to take citizens, and they're going to have to take chances, but we need to help them take those chances." 

Santellana also stressed the importance of grants to help shorten the cost of those who want to open up downtown, and he thinks it will pay off for those business owners who are willing to take the risk of setting up shop downtown.

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