Texoma Votes 2016: Ingle said military career gives him leadership skills needed to be mayor

Texoma Votes 2016: Ingle said military career gives him leadership skills needed to be mayor

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Two men are asking for residents' of Wichita Falls vote to become the next mayor.

One of those men is District 4 City Councilor and Mayor Pro Tem, Tim Ingle.

Ingle was born in California but quickly found his home in Wichita Falls.

"I graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1986 and so I went to Lubbock for pilot training and then after about ten years between Panama and overseas and Idaho, I was finally able to get here and be stationed at Sheppard and be an instructor pilot. That was 19 years ago, and we loved it and we stayed," Ingle said.

He credits his military career for giving him the experience he needs to lead the city. Ingle was elected to city council in May of 2010 and was first appointed Mayor Pro Tem in May of 2014.

He spoke to Newschannel 6 about the biggest issue this area is facing.

"The biggest issue is growth. This year we didn't grow economically. We had a reduction in sales tax and it's quite shocking and it's a reality check," Ingle said.

This situation is something Ingle said he saw from miles away.

"From the economic indicators, I knew it was coming. Because we were just not getting the growth in our sales tax base and the population numbers were being kind of neutral. We're not growing," he said.

Water rates is another issue he would like to work on if he becomes mayor.

"I personally think the rates are too high. I think it's hard on the poor and I will always ask the question can we lower it? Can we lower it even if it's just a little bit? Because once we start getting more revenue and we get a little healthier we need to start lowering the water rate. It's one of the highest in Texas," Ingle said.

After retiring from the USAF as a Lieutenant Colonel, Ingle now works as a civilian T-6 Simulator Instructor at Sheppard Air Force Base.

"Sheppard itself is such a key link in our national strategy in our air force. There is no way they can close Sheppard," Ingle said.

But he does realize missions at the base can change. Ingle said the Sheppard Military Affairs Committee (SMAC) has been instrumental in protecting current missions at the base as well as bringing in new opportunities.

While fostering that relationship is important, Ingle said creating jobs and growth are also at the top of his list.

"The biggest part of that is creating the environment for growth," he said.

Ingle also wants to make Wichita Falls a college town by working closely with Midwestern State University and Vernon College as both campuses continue to grow.

As a veteran himself, he will continue to foster relationships between local veterans and the business community.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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