Boat from Saturday's deadly accident recovered in Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead boat accident update

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The boat that capsized Saturday morning, causing Van Dardis II of Vernon to drown and another man to be rescued, was recovered from Lake Arrowhead Tuesday night.

It took the Wichita County Dive Team and Game Wardens almost three hours to get the submerged boat out of the water.

Tyler Reed, Wichita County Game Warden, said seven WFPD divers hooked airbags up to the boat that was about 33-feet underwater to float it up.

However, since it came up facing down, it took longer for them to turn it over, get it to the top of the water and bring it to the boat ramp at Lake Arrowhead Park.

Reed said they needed to get it out of the water because the boat has oil and gas in it and because it is evidence.

"Just in case we needed it for any further investigations. One of the things we are worried about is if there were life jackets on board, and it appears that there were, but they were unable to get to them before the boat capsized," said Reed.

The boat was eventually lifted out of the water on to a trailer and taken to the park and wild life boat barn at Lake Arrowhead. 
Reed said the reason they waited a couple of days to get the boat out was because the wind was too high and water conditions were unsafe.

He wants to remind boaters to not go out on the water on windy days, unless you absolutely have to.

He adds to be sure you always have life jackets on board, and keep them in a place where they are easy to get to.

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