Airstream Camping in Quanah

Airstream Camping in Quanah
Over 100 Airstream trailers camp out in downtown Quanah
Over 100 Airstream trailers camp out in downtown Quanah

QUANAH, TX (KAUZ) -- The city of Quanah has a few extra visitors in town this week as they hosts the 2nd Annual Texas County Air, a week-long Airstream camping event.

More than forty Airstream trailers already line the streets of downtown Quanah, but soon that number could reach past one hundred.

It's happening all this week and is part of the largest downtown camping event in the Southwestern United States.

Campers made their way through check-in today and traveled to the city courthouse where trailers outline the cities sidewalks.

Quanah resident, Bill Price came up with the idea after reading about a similar event in Michigan.

Price said, "We decided why don't we do one here in Quanah."

They presented the idea to the county and are now planning for year three.

The week-long event is something Quanah Mayor Dale Eaton and County Judge Ronald Ingram said shows off the pride of the 2,500 residents who live in the small community.

When Price first started planning for the event he estimated about 34 Airstreams. When the day came he had 107 showed up in downtown Quanah.

"We've had the luxury of seeing this thing grow on paper so we've been able to expand our resources," said Price.

Last year's event brought in more than $400,000 to the city.

Price said none of this would have been possible if the community didn't rally together.

This event will continue through Friday and is free to the public. Click Here

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