Local computer expert breaks down Friday's cyber-attack

Local computer expert breaks down Friday's cyber-attack

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Friday's cyber-attacks have many concerned not only because they could not access several websites, but for the safety of their personal information.

Denial of service attacks are attempts to overwhelm web pages with so much traffic that it impairs normal service.

Terry McAdams, the owner of MacTech Solution's, said this attack took down the domain name service system. He said it is like a phone book that links you to IP addresses.

For instance, WWW.NewsChannel6Now.com takes you to the NewsChannel 6 website.

However, when top-level providers are out of service, like in Friday's attack, you cannot be linked to those web pages that are affected by the hack.

McAdams said that is why so many people are concerned because they cannot access this information.

"We use websites, we have our Netflix, we have everything else, but I don't think there is any concern," said McAdams. "The engineers will work it out. It's actually an experience, I mean we hope this ends clearly, but our engineers that are out there in our country and all over the world really do not want this to happen. So they're going to figure out a way, I'm sure, to resolve it," said McAdams.

He adds some DVR's, security cameras and other devices that were left with default mode passwords were implanted with malware. This is allowing hackers to coordinate whatever they want to those devices.

McAdams said personal data cannot be breached from a denial of service attack, so we just need to trust this is going to be worked out. He adds this is, however, a good reminder to take security precautions.

He said we do not know if this attack will happen again, and like all of us he hopes we can prevent this in the future and learn from it.

McAdams said now computer experts do not have enough information for people to know if their devices are infected but recommends you can have a licensed security expert come check out your products for vulnerability and to change your passwords.

He said within time, internet service providers will be able to find out what IPS addresses the attacks came from.

McAdams said in the mean time it would not hurt to change your security passwords. Although this would not have prevented the cyber-attack from happening, he says changing your passwords is a good habitat to get into, and he says to use letters, symbols, and numbers.

Another precaution to take is to back up your computers on a hard drive.

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