Bowie Police Host Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Bowie Police Host Prescription Drug Take Back Day

BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) - October is national Medicine Abuse Awareness month and the Bowie Police Department wants to make sure you dispose of your medications properly.  According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, American consumers have disposed at least 4.1 million pounds of unwanted medications during previous "Take Back" days.

Saturday was National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.  It serves to help eliminate the miss-use and abuse of  medications.

Brian Keating with the police department said forgetting about old medications is easy when they are in your medicine cabinet.

"People who have unused or expired medications can bring them up to the police department and we can safely dispose of those narcotics or whatever they may be," said Keating.

The big red prescription bin sits in the lobby of the department and people can come by any day of the year to drop off medications.  Keating said days like Saturday are still important.
"It prevents people from disposing them down the toilet, getting into the water system or people just throwing them away," said Keating.

While the department does encourage bringing in old medicine, there are some restrictions.

"We can't do injections needles such as that," said Keating.  "The best thing you can do there is possibly contact your local fire department or hospital. We can take over the counter for you, but mainly this is for prescribed medications."

The department said in the past on Take Back Day, it has been a large turnout.

"We will probably empty the bin from five to six times today," said Keating.  "It's a fairly large bin that we have in here.