Wichita County to benefit from new microwave system

Wichita County to benefit from new microwave system

A new microwave system is coming to all Wichita County Annex locations, and that will translate to faster internet and phone services.
This comes after Wichita County Commissioners voted to spend $324,000 on the new system.
As the county switches to new software workers will need high-speed internet and phone service.

Wichita county Judge Woody Gossom said they chose microwave systems for the best long term result.

It appeared by our calculations that within 7 years we would start saving considerably more money than being on the fiber system, said, Gossom. Alpha Omega will be installing the new systems.

Judge Gossom said there will be growing pains the first year, to year and a half, but insists over the next 20 years. The county will benefit. However, If commissioners do not like the new system within the first 30 days they can get a full refund and look at other options.

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