MPEC under new management

MPEC under new management
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WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - More entertainment, better food, and job opportunities. Those are just some of the things a new management company says they are going to bring to MPEC.

Spectra Venue Management took over managing MPEC at the beginning of the month. Brian Hoffman of Spectra became general manager. He now oversees all the facilities under the MPEC umbrella - the JS Bridwell Ag Center. The MPEC building, Kay Yeager Coliseum, Memorial Auditorium and Festival Park. It's not just about running a venue - it's about managing an experience and Hoffman says Spectra has the expertise it takes to do that. Spectra manages 163 venues across the country in Canada and in Europe.

Company officials say the partnership is a win/win for the city, the community, and them.

"The experience starts with the ticket buying process and to folks coming into the parking lot. Customer service is a top priority for our company and the people that come in here."

City officials say under the new management the customer and vendor experience will improve. Hoffman says first on their agenda is meeting with key stakeholders - the groups that come in on an annual basis or multiple times a year.

"We're discussing how they think things are going and what we can do to assist and improve on their experience when they come in as well as their guests experience when they come into our facilities here at MPEC."

MPEC was a city owned and operated facility. The employees were all city employees. When Spectra took over they offered the existing staff positions.

Spectra has hired an executive chef and a director of food and beverage. They say the concessions are going to be delicious.

"We're going to look at enhancing the concession stands at the facilities. To provide alternatives and some healthier options, more modern things."

They say among many improvements they will be upgrading the WiFi capabilities.  There is also good news for people who frequent MPEC and want to see more music.

Spectra officials say there will be more entertainment coming to Wichita Falls. Their goal is to drive more content and they say they have been talking to promoters and agents in the music and entertainment industries.

As for their goals for the future - they say their number one priority, although it won't happen overnight, is to minimize your cost as a tax payer...and

"Have a facility that the community and the people that come here are proud of, continue to build relationships here in the city and be here for a long time."

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