Storm Damage: Crews clean up after storms rip through Bowie

Storm Damage: Crews clean up after storms rip through Bowie

BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) - Storms with high winds ripped through Bowie and surrounding areas Wednesday night, and the remains of that storm litter the landscape.

Many people woke up Thursday morning with broken limbs and even uprooted trees in their yards.

"It's been pretty busy around here," said Vickie Howard who lives in one of the neighborhoods hit by the storm.  "Usually it's nice and quiet."

The storms rolled in around 9:30, and with it came high winds, hail and heavy rain.

"All of a sudden we started hearing the thunder," said Howard.   "We didn't even know it was going to rain and then all of a sudden it just started just pouring down rain and the wind got really bad."

High winds ripped the steeple off of the 1st Baptist Church, and tore the roof off of a home and left people with debris.

"Looking out my front door, I couldn't even see across the street," said Howard.

Luckily for Howard and her family, they woke up with very little damage.  Crews next door were working to clean up a tree that was uprooted.  Howard was the one who called her neighbor to deliver the news.

"When they came out this morning and saw it they were amazed," said Howard.  Just shocked."

She says times like Wednesday night is what brings the community together.

"Around Bowie, everybody is very helpful and if they know someone is in need," said Howard.  "They will go out and check it out and scope it out to see what you need help and everything.  Bowie is  friendly and everybody is willing to help everybody.

Crews started receiving calls about fallen trees and broken limbs early Thursday morning, and were out clearing debris all day.

Crews worked Thursday afternoon to put the steeple on the 1st Baptist Church in Bowie back on the church.

Officials said no one was injured during the storms.