Live Pink: Early detection is important in the fight against breast cancer

Early detection is important in the fight against breast cancer

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Every 3 seconds a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, it's a disease that has hit too close to home for almost all of us. 
But doctors say it's one that can be beaten.

Early detection with a mammogram is key!
So important because there is now a 99% survival rate for patients who are diagnosed at an early stage! 
So this month, we are living pink here at Newschannel 6. Sharing your stories and starting with the importance of getting that often, dreaded mammogram! 
If your 35 and older, or nearing that age, this story is for you.

April Crutcher is married with 2 boys that keep her busy; but when the 38 year old, who has a family history of breast cancer, decided to schedule a mammogram for the first time last month. It was her husband who chimed in.

"I kind of wondered what he knew about mammograms but apparently he had got a tour of the facility and said it was really nice."

There are two rooms at United Regional available for patients like April. 
Staff mammographer Kelly Lange says each is filled with state-of-the-art 3D equipment, that scans breast tissue millimeter by millimeter; allowing doctors to see every layer.

"This is the only mammogram I would have done. only because we have detected breast cancer before a 2D can even see breast cancer."

Also months and sometimes even years before you would ever be able to feel a lump.
There is a difference in the 2D and 3D images.
A 3D image starts gathering up into a knot, showing a clear sign of breast cancer.
Doctors say the technology is truly life saving.

"Picture little pin points and that's how small we can catch it. Ultrasound and MRI can't catch it that small."

The life saving technology only works If you get checked out! 
Once you're in the room the overall process just takes about 15 minutes. 

"I felt like it was pretty easy I mean of course it had its awkward moments, but overall it was fine quick and not painful at all. So I'm glad that I came and did it."

As for April's results, she had good news and is hoping for the same thing for years to come. 
Some more good news about mammograms is that most insurance companies will pay 100% of the cost.