Community comes together to build a house for one of their own

Community comes together to build a house for one of their own

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Volunteers were up bright and early Saturday morning to help build a house for a family in Texoma.

Ester Gomez and her four grandchildren were granted the house after Gomez's granddaughter wrote a letter to Habitat for Humanity telling them their current house was too crowded.

One of the volunteers was Julia Simpson who came for the second time with her dad.

"It's been great just coming out here and meeting who the house belongs to and just enjoying doing something for someone else," said Simpson. "It's been a long process, but we are getting through it."

Along with Julia and her dad was a group from Vernon College, and when Jeff Feix found out who the house was for, he knew they had to do it.

"We're actually going to be helping build a brand-new house for a Vernon College Graduate," said Jeff Feix, Surgical Technology Program Coordinator at Vernon College.  "Someone from our college community that we are familiar with and that made it even more special that we knew the person that we helped build the house."

Feix said Gomez is appreciative that so many people have come together to help.

"It's really great when you get to connect with the person," said Feix.  "She took us on a tour of the inside of the house and showed us where each one of her grandchildren are going to sleep.  It's pretty cool to see even though we are not going to get it finished today but we know what it is going to be like when she does get to move"

As for Julia, she is glad her dad asked her to do it.

"I do want to continue this.  I think it's fun.