MPEC Shooting incident before grand jury

MPEC Shooting incident before grand jury

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Wichita Falls Police Department released an update on a shooting incident that took place at the Wichita Falls MPEC about a month ago.

The update said the case has been turned over to a grand jury to determine if criminal proceedings should be brought against those involved.

Three people were sent to the hospital on the morning of October 1, after a gun accidentally discharged at the "Wichita Falls Gun and Knife Show".

Police and First Responders rushed to the scene Saturday morning after a gun went off and injured 3 people, less than 5 minutes before opening to the public.

Joe Tom White who runs the event for the past 36 years, said he can count on one hand how many times an incident like this has happened.

"We advertise this as a family event there are small children running around here everywhere," said White. "There's mamas and papas."

"Everybody who comes here comes laughing and having a good time," said Michael Hughes, owner of Wild Horse Mountain Fudge.

White said it is important to have extensive security is a big priority, making sure each gun is fully disabled and checked by security before entering.

Sometimes, one gets past them.

"Sometimes there is human error," said White.  "That's all there is to it."

Both White and Hughes said the biggest lesson of that day, was to be smart.

"if it is loaded, unload it," said White.  "Don't take a chance.  If someone hands you a gun and says it's unloaded, check to make sure."

"Now it's one of the most important things to do is safety for anything," said Hughes.  "We need to know what we are doing when we pick up a gun, especially with the younger ones."

As for Hughes and his business, they will be back next year.

"If it happened three or four times today it wouldn't keep us from coming back," said Hughes. "And I don't think it would keep anyone else from coming back.  Why would it? You know it's an accident that happens."

Those who were hit during the accident were taken to the hospital by ambulance suffering injuries of the hands, arms and neck.  They were treated for their injuries and released.

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