Y-Minute: Early Childhood and School-Age Programs

Y-Minute: Early Childhood and School-Age Programs

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The YMCA's Early Childhood and School-Age Center is home to the Early Childhood and School-Age Programs.

These programs help young children get ready for their next steps in education or give them a place to stay before and after they head to school.

The YMCA has just under 200 kids in these programs with ages ranging from infants to twelve year old.

Early Childhood and School-Age Branch Director, Belinda Cavitt, says it's their job to get kids ready for their Kindergarten education.

"We are part of the Texas School Ready Program...Our mission is to prepare children to enter kindergarten, whether they're going to go to early head start or Kindergarten," said Cavitt.

Cavitt adds that teaching students at a younger age helps them develop better.

"Even infants have the capability to learn...so the sooner you get those brain neurons going, the faster they develop and we can get the kids learning," said Cavitt.

The program follows a schedule similar to what you'd find at a school.

The kids are served breakfast and lunch, spend time outside, and have a nap time.

The School-Age Program works on homework and then does various activities until the parents arrive to pick them up.

With the Capital Campaign, the Early Childhood and Youth Development Center hopes to get a new playground and a renovated gym.

During the month of October, they're running a special called pay the day.

When you register your child, the registration fee is only 25 dollars.

"It's a way for us to once a year, to help parents that don't have that $60 to get in at a little cheaper registration rate," Cavitt said.