RideShare services coming to Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - RideShare services are now allowed to come to Wichita Falls.

The news comes after city council passed the amended ordinance.
    "ShareRide companies have exploded all over the United States," John Burrus, Director of Transportation in Wichita Falls said. "I see more people who would normally not use public transportation getting the app on their phone and then using ShareRide as, not maybe their primary source of transportation, but definitely their secondary source."
That is why council worked long and hard to get the right ordinance.

    "We actually believe everyone is happy with the results," Kinley Hegglund, City Attorney of Wichita Falls said. "And if you can get everyone happy with what you've done, I think that's a success."
Hegglund and Burrus said the cities goal was to make the playing field as level as possible between the taxi companies and RideShare services, something they feel they accomplished.
Their hope is the services will bring more business and accommodate millennials and the elderly.
    "What we are really hoping is that this is going to open up the technology that is out there and allow businesses to come to town who can utilize smart phone technology, the apps that people have on their phones now a days that should be very appealing to the younger demographic in Wichita Falls," Hegglund said.
Burrus said come December 1st, be ready.
    "App based seems to be the direction were all headed as a society," Burrus said. "So I would keep a lookout for whose coming to town and get those apps on your phone."
Tride of Oklahoma and Fare out of Austin have shown interest in starting service in Wichita Falls.
December 1st is when the companies can officially start service, but it is up to those groups as to when they want to begin service after that date.

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