Pray for Peace: Army truck heads to D.C.

WICHITA FALLS, TX - It has been seen across Texoma and even parts of New Mexico.  A big green army truck with the banner "Pray for Peace." That truck is now on a new journey Northeast.

The truck left Patterson Auto Thursday afternoon for Washington D.C. 
The campaign was started by Patterson Auto during the Olympics and now is coming to the end. 
Harris Pink has driven the truck across Texas and surrounding states and said this campaign is something he will always remember. 
"We had no idea it was going to get this kind of reviews," said Pink who started driving the truck by taking it to New Mexico to feature it at a Reunion.

"It feels good I mean it's fun," said Pink.  "It feels good I mean the reaction you get from the people makes you feel really good." 
The truck is not done traveling yet.
"We're headed to Washington dc and going to meet with John Riggs with what he has called the ride," said Pink.  "We're going to follow them into D.C."
The signs received hundreds of signatures.  Some of the messages read "Peace and hope," "Have world peace," and "God Bless America." 
It all started with an idea.  
"I started hanging all the banners for Patterson," said Pink.   "When the deal up in Angel Fire New Mexico I told him that the truck ought to go out there with the banners and so it has just one thing is lead to another."
The goal is to make a change.  
"This is just to spread the word with everything is going on peace for everybody," said Pink.  
"Pray for peace and pray for change for everything."

Pink and his son will be joining John Riggs, a pastor at the Texoma Cowboy Church, who set off on horseback for D.C. in late September.  
Their mission is to witness and spread the hope for Christian revival and the hope for peace in the states between Texas and D.C.

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