A Stand Against Bullying

McNiel hold a week to teach students about bullying
McNiel hold a week to teach students about bullying

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) -- Bullying statistics show that about one in four kids are bullied on a regular basis. Between bullying online and at school, it has become a major issue in schools across the country.

This week McNiel Junior High is teaching students the proper way to deal with the situation.

Students signed a banner pledging a stance against bullying. Polly Birkhead, a counselor at McNiel, says one of the hardest types of bullying to control is cyber bullying.

"Advice we give parents and students is if it happens off grounds contact law enforcement. Screenshot something you have and make sure someone sees it," said Birkhead.

Macy Love and her sister Marley, students at McNiel, said they see bullying at school and online.

"Bullying is looked over most of the time because people don't think it's important enough to tell teachers," Marley said.

Something McNiel counselors are trying to change

Lisa Williams said, "We has their counselors are here to help them. If they're having problems we need to know about that. If they don't tell and an adult and no one knows about it, we can't help them."

Both Birkhead and Williams hope they can continue to educate students on bullying throughout the year.

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