Growth along U.S. 287 is welcomed by Henrietta residents

Growth along U.S. 287 is welcomed by Henrietta residents

HENRIETTA, TX (KAUZ) - Growth in the city of Henrietta can be seen along U.S. 287. Since this summer extensive dirt work has been taking place on the site of the future travel center in the city. However, flood waters over the last several months have stalled progress.

"The good news about that is the engineering performed as designed and the pad did not get under water. (That's) exactly what they wanted it to do," Economic Development Director of the city of Henrietta, Rick Langford said.

The initial goal was to have the travel center opened by the end of 2016.

"Everything is always behind schedule. You'll always get these tentative dates from developers but from experience, they always run behind their estimates. There's always things that come up that delay the process," Langford said.

But he said by late next year 30 people should be employed and the travel center should be up and running.

These delays are not taking away from residents excitement about the new project.

Glenda Dugan is looking forward to the people who will be helped by this new travel center.

"I am glad it's going to open. I just wish it (would) of opened sooner, but you know I don't need a job. I can't work. But there's a lot of people here that can use it," Dugan said.

Todd Davis is happy to see growth in the city he has called home for the last eleven years.

"As they come in and open up and bring new jobs and expand, the tax base is going to go up. It's going to pave the way for more businesses to come in," Davis said.

Concrete work is expected to begin this coming week. Langford said drivers will be able to see parts of the building going up shortly after the first of the year.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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