TxDOT campaign hits close to home for Texoma family


WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - There has not been a deathless day on Texas roads since November 7, 2000.

"That was the last day that no one died on the road," TxDOT Public Information Officer, Adele Lewis said.

One of those deaths was 11-year-old Jared Macias.

Macias died after the horse he was riding was hit by a car in July of 2013.

After hearing the news of her son's death, Beth Macias was full of emotions.

"It was a very horrible, horrible feeling. Of course, I was in shock. It's just hard to describe," she said.

Beth Macias and her family are one of the thousands that have lost loved ones in vehicular accidents.

"Last year we had almost 3,600 people killed in Texas on all roads," Lewis said.

In an effort to end this trend TxDOT created the #EndTheStreakTX campaign. Lewis said the campaign is asking drivers to take responsibility for their driving.

"What you can do is don't drink and drive. What you can do is put down your phone and stop being a distracted driver," Lewis said.

Making sure you are driving the proper speed limit is another factor to ending the streak. By taking these measures drivers can ensure they and their loved ones do not become part of this statistic.

"Always be aware of your surroundings. Whether it's an animal or a person. Just always have your eyes on the road," Macias said.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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