No I.D. no vote?

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Tuesday a lot of people will hit the polls across Texoma.
But one Wichita Falls voter is hoping it goes smoother for you than it did for him.
He did not have a photo I.D., but in Texas you can't be turned away for that.
Peter Stewart does not have a drivers license but does have a voter registration card.
He knew that was all he needed to early vote, along with signing an affidavit, despite what voting officials initially told him.
    "I didn't have a drivers license," Stewart said. "So I had my voter registration card, which I figured would be okay. In fact I knew it would be okay. So I went up there and they told me I had to have something else, like a check stub or something."
Stewart tried to early vote at the Home Depot in Wichita Falls.
When officials tried to tell him he could not vote, he told them he could sign an affidavit.
They said they were out.
He proceeded to the county courthouse where he was at first told the same thing.
Once again he told them about the affidavit as well and was allowed to vote.
Lori Bohannon, the Wichita County Clerk, said it was a mistake that has been addressed.
    "It's something new," Bohannon said. "This is the first time it has been in place. So it was a mistake that happened. It shouldn't have. All I can do is apologize."
Stewart is concerned with how many people may have been turned away during early voting.
    "I'm sure in the two weeks of early voting they turned quite a few people away," Stewart said. "I don't know if this was their practice. I don't know if it's a few bad eggs. I'm not saying it was willful or purposeful but it was definitely willful incompetence on their part and everybody's part not to get on the same page about this."
How many people does Bohannon think it has affected?
    "I think it's very little because they knew they had the affidavits," Bohannon said. "They had been filling them out. So I think it was just they ran out."
She adds voting will run smoothly if people are prepared.
"Make sure that they have something with their name and address on it," Bohannon said. "Because you still have to show something. And if you have and I.D., you have to show that."
If you have documentation with your name and address on it, you can vote regardless of anyone says.
If you do not have I.D., you can still cast your ballot by signing that affidavit poll workers will have.
Stewart said he did call the Wichita County Clerk's office following the incident and talked with Bohannon.
He said she was very apologetic and insisted it will not happen again.

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