Live Pink: A survivor's story

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - We continue our "Live Pink" series with a breast cancer survivor, and how her choice to get a 3D mammography changed her life.

Kathy Roberts and her husband are the proud grandparents of 6 grand kids and two children. 
One of whom just said I do this year. 
While there have been lots of celebrations, 2016 has also been full of heartbreaking news. 
Kathy and sister Judy, were both diagnosed with breast cancer within 30 days of each other.  
In May, Kathy went for her annual check up. This year she had a 3D mammogram done for the the first time. 

"I've had to go back for mammograms before to have them look more closely, so when I got the phone call that said you need to come back i thought OK here we go again."

The news wasn't good, Kathy had breast cancer. 
While it wasn't anything she expected or wanted to hear. 
She believes her doctors decision to order the 3D was a good one, and helped them identify an issue that was there the year before.

"She said see this spot. It was very compressed and that's why it didn't get picked up last year and know that we can go through all of these layers we know there is something else going on."

So Kathy began her road to recovery, but she didn't do it alone. 
She says Nurse Ellen Cannon has been a godsend.

"She helped my husband and I tremendously. She sat with my husband and I, she talked to us both, was on the phone with me all the time answering questions, was there the day of my surgery."

Kathy says having a nurse navigator also allowed her to ask questions to someone knowledgeable and get a straight answer. Without having them push her one way or another.

While the journey to battle cancer for these two sisters has been different, Kathy says a handmade quilt is proof their love and bond has remained solid.

After a lot of prayers and thought Kathy chose surgery. She had a bilateral mastectomy and then reconstruction. 
She says it ended up being a good decision because her surgeon also found pre cancer in her other breast. 
She is now two thirds trough her journey and wants to remind all women watching that early detection is key. 
Kathy hopes her story encourages women not to be afraid. 
This reminds you that if something is found, the earlier you catch it, the more choices you have.