Honoring Our Vets: Vietnam Vet remembers the fallen

Friday was a day of honor and remembrance.  Wichita Falls ISD hosted its annual Veteran’s Day event Friday to honor Veterans past and present.

Michael Williams takes part in Veterans Day every year to remember.

It's very know humbling to see the amount of care that people come out to express, said Williams.

Williams spent 3 years in the army in Vietnam and came back with an injury.  He came Friday to honor those who fought alongside him and even those who lost their lives visiting the memorial where names of his classmates are engraved on the memorial outside the stadium.
Two of my friends are on there, said Williams.  I went to high school with both of them, and I'm sad to say they didn't come back.

He said he is honored every day from people in the community.
It's a beautiful day and it's good that we keep veterans in our hearts and minds and just keep-----keep on track.
The event will continue Saturday at memorial stadium with a walk to honor Veterans in Wichita Falls. That walk begins at 9 a.m.