ACA enrollment surges after election, Trump changes some of his health care plans

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The President-Elect may be changing some of his message when it comes to the Affordable Care Act.
Donald Trump opened up about keeping part of the health care plan, and he said the big reason for his shift came from his meeting with President Obama.

However, the news of the change also follows reports of a surge in people signing up for the Affordable Care Act. Just days after the election more than 100,000 people selected health plans on the website.

Kelly Fristoe, a Financial Services Representative at Financial Partners in Wichita Falls, said the reason for the increase in the number of people signing up is due to timing.

"Insurance companies are sending out notifications to their customers for the off-exchange plans. A lot of people are receiving these notifications as to what their new rates will look like next year," said Fristoe.

Fristoe said many are just re-enrolling, and once the election results were in people started signing up for their 2017 coverage.

"It just so happens those letters arrived, we had the election, and a lot of people were waiting until after the election to kind of see what was going to happen," said Fristoe.

Following the election, a change of tune is what we are now hearing from President-Elect Donald In In a "60-Minute CBS interview, Trump said some of the Affordable Care Act regulations will stay in place.

Trump said he is going to make sure people with preconditions are still covered, adding that is one of the ACA's strongest assets.

He will also keep children on their parent's policies, and there will be no lapse between the repeal of Obama's signature healthcare law and its replacement by his version.

Fristoe said a lot of people do not realize, repeal and replace could be incredibly disruptive to the health insurance market.

"Meaning if those who are receiving tax credits are not able to access those credits to help fund the cost of their plan, those people won't be able to afford that coverage. They will become a new uninsured person," said Fristoe.

Fristoe said the most important thing is working together.

"We've got to get these legislatures to work together to bring about these changes that we need, and so the consumers that are being affected by this, which really is a whole lot of us, would be good to go ahead and try to contact your legislatures now and plea with them please work together so we get this right this time," said Fristoe.

He said we cannot afford to get this wrong again and bipartisan support in the house and senate, common sense solutions and input from those who understand the economics of how health insurance works is necessary.

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