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Upsetting loss restores Wichita Falls man's faith in community

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A Wichita Falls man is still in shock after an awful day turned into a great one Friday in Wichita Falls. 

Armando Perez rode the city bus to the Cash Saver grocery store Friday morning to buy some groceries for a small thanksgiving meal he planned to have with his daughter, her boyfriend, and Perez's brother. 

But during his shopping be said he must have dropped his wallet. When he got to the register and realized it was gone he asked employees to help him find it. 

The wallet was eventually found on a shelf but several things were missing. Perez's debit card, social security card, a coin his late mother gave him, his bus pass, and $64.00 he planned to use to purchase his Thanksgiving meal. 

The 39-year-old is disabled after suffering injuries in 2008 when he fell while changing street lights. Perez is on a fixed income.

In an effort to deal with his frustrations he took to social media and posted about the ordeal on the Rants and Raves of Wichita Falls page on facebook.

"I posted it to mainly let it go, to just square it away and be done with it and accept it," Perez said. 

What happened next was something he did not expect. 

"I still can't believe it," he said. 

People commented on his post offering food, prayers and even inviting Perez and his family over for their Thanksgiving meal. 

"It was nice. I cried a little bit. I laughed at some of the comments because they were funny and uplifting," Perez said. 

He said their response to his misfortune helped him get up Saturday morning. 

"I'm beyond happy to know that everybody can come together," Perez said. 

He said everyone's love, support, thoughts and words all mean something to him. Perez received two pies and two side items for his Thanksgiving feast.

Another person has offered to give him a ham and someone else has offered to smoke his turkey.

While the donations continue to roll in, Perez said he is only taking what he needs.

He said he is encouraging those who have offered to help him to give those items to other people or organizations that could use their help.

Perez said he could not thank those who offered food, prayer, or words of encouragement enough for what they have done. 

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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