Local veterans react to President-Elect

Many veterans are reacting to Donald Trump's victory.  President Elect Donald Trump said he is going to work hard to give veterans the credit they deserve.  Those from across Texoma who have been overseas to fight for our freedom gave their opinion on the new elect.

Lieutenant James Chilcott moved to Wichita Falls after serving in Vietnam and continued to fight for our freedom for many years.  He says it is important to teach future generations about our freedom.

"If we don't look after and keep mentoring another generation of fighting and maintaining freedom then we become a country going downhill," said Chilcott.

Chilcott has seen first-hand how the military has changed after every new President took office and says he has hopes for President Elect, Donald Trump will give them the credit they deserve for serving our nation.

Joseph Sandoval also served in Vietnam and said he was encouraged by Trump's plans to assist military vets.

"I was very inspired by it," said Sandoval.  "I thought it was wonderful because in a lot of respects veterans have been forgotten."

Many vets say, they viewed Trump's promise as a way for Americans to repay them. 

"America asked us to do something a way long time ago in our service," said Joel Jimenez a Vietnam Veteran.   "Now America is turning around and he is going to do something for the veterans
"Regardless of who the Commander in Chief is when you're talking to military men you respect them with dignity.   I think Mr. Trump is going to be that type of person that is going to step up to the plate and do something not only for America but for us veterans."

Sandoval said he knows adjusting will not be easy, but hopes people will treat the newly elected President with respect.
"It's not an easy road," said Sandoval.  "He has to get people on board and work with him but I wish him all the success.