Recruiting Volunteers

As Christmas quickly approaches, stores across town are starting to put up trees, people are buying gifts for loved ones and Midwestern State University is getting ready to premiere its annual tradition of the "Burns Fantasy of Lights."

Dirk Welch is the coordinator of the event and said it is a yearlong process preparing the displays.

“Early fall around the first part of October we dive into the bid of painting cleaning that we call a work day out here at the fantasy of lights workshop,” said Welch.   “Really the refurbishment efforts are something that go on year around.”

Welch said the event would not be possible without help from the community.

“We have numerous individuals within the community that have adopted the displays,” said Welch.  “Their adoption goes towards the cost for

refurbishment for upkeep and those types of things.  We could not maintain this display without donations and the adoptions is one form of it.”

There are 35 displays that have been adopted this year.

“Community organizations, families and employers they come out and support this event,” said Welch. 

There is one display that is not like the other 35. 

“We have one display available for adoption and it is our gingerbread house,” said Welch.

He told NewsChannel 6 those who adopt these Christmas displays add to the Christmas Spirit of the “Burns Fantasy of Lights.”

“Families enjoying their time making memories,” said Welch.  “I've heard stories of how it's brought people closer together. It certainly is a hallmark of my holiday time here to come out on numerous occasions and enjoy it's a festive atmosphere.   There are lots of energy and excitement and it's just a beautiful display.”

The lighting ceremony at MSU will take place November 21, for more information on the events or how to donate, click here.