An economic speech that will affect you

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A special guest was in Wichita Falls Monday and delivered a powerful message that he believes can affect everyone.
Robert Kaplan, C.E.O. of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, delivered that message at the Chamber of Commerce Economic Forum.
"Bringing in that perspective of somebody who's involved in setting monetary policy for the country will help our citizens understand what's going to happen next," Henry Florsheim, President of the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce said.
As you would expect, he talked about the state of the economy, locally and nationally.
But that was not all.
He also drove home a message about being willing to make changes to stay in alignment, how that makes you successful and the willingness to try new ideas.
    "Your always asking the same question,"  Kaplan said. "What are we doing that is distinctive? Does it really add value and are we in alignment? Do we have the right people? Do we have the right strategy? Do we have the right focus?"
He believes that defines a true leader.
    "I don't have all the answers to what exactly should be done at each of those cases," Kaplan said. "But I do know as a leader you got to keep asking the questions and engaging others to be thinking about it. And if you do, you got a heck of a good chance to get where you want to go."
Dave Lilley, C.E.O of Trinity Hughes Construction, took the message to heart and believes it is reason for optimism in Wichita Falls.
    "Texas's ability to attract workers and intellectuals from around the world and country to our market place only puts us in a greater position of strength in the global marketplace," Lilley said.
Regardless of your job or title, Kaplan believes this message applies to everyone.
    "That's the role of a leader,"  Kaplan said. "You tried it this way. Here's what they are trying to do. Maybe you should try something new. Maybe your not in alignment. Maybe you should try something else."
Kaplan added that Texas has become more diversified as more people and firms have moved to the lone star state.
Lilley believes because of that, Wichita Falls has the opportunity to explode in years to come with proper investment, education and infrastructure along with making use of the state's human capital.
Kaplan said that in many ways when you stop asking questions, that can lead to failure.
Do not stop so you can succeed.

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