WF City Council signs off on new vehicles for Police Department

There are new additions coming to the Wichita Falls Police Department's motor pool.
The department will be adding 11 new SUV's and three new motorcycles after city council passed two ordinances for the purchases.
The first was to spend just over $321,000 dollars locally at the Ford House on Ford Interceptors.
The second was to spend just under $75,000 dollars at Retail Motorcycle Ventures Inc. for the three BMW bikes.
They will replace some of the old Ford Crown Victoria's and Kawasaki bikes.
Manuel Borrego, the Wichita Falls Police Chief, believe having quality vehicles is important for everyone.
    "Certainly we need to have some good vehicles out here," Chief Borrego said. "We've got to get out and service our public and give them some good public safety opportunities. And that allows us to have good equipment to get out there and do our job safely and do a job that our citizens want us to do for them."
He also said that the most important thing to him is to have functional vehicles on the road rather than something that might be more flashy.
    "It's not about having a very beautiful car," Chief Borrego said. "It's more functional for what we have out there. And the SUV, certainly for the price, is definitely what we needed."
Chief Borrego believes the SUV's are a lot more efficient in the winter time and easier for cops to get in and out of with all the gear they have.
There was a second bid that was a little under $5,000 dollars cheaper from an outside group.
But council felt it was best to buy local since it fell below their five percent cutoff.

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