WF residents will soon be able to access their water meters

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Soon you will have the ability to access your water meter box in case of a leak.
Tuesday city council amended an ordinance that will allow home owners to legally open their meter box in case of an emergency.
If you have a leak, sometimes you have to wait up to half an hour for the city to come access your water meter and turn it off.
Russell Schreiber, the Wichita Falls Director of Public Works, said to not do that unless it is your last resort.
However, he acknowledges that people have been accessing them for years.
     "Moral of the story is don't access the meter if you don't absolutely have to," Schreiber said. "If you have a water leak and you have an alternate way of turning off the supply, do that."
The city will create an instructional video showing you the proper way to access the box.
There will also be information on the Wichita Falls website.
Schreiber said that even though you are allowed to access it, your responsible if anything goes wrong.
The city will still provide service for those who want it.
They are not the only one's who will access your water meter box.
You can also call a plumber and have them do the work as well.

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