Archer City Student Controversy

Archer City Student Controversy
Students from last Fridays volleyball game
Students from last Fridays volleyball game

ARCHER CITY, TX (KAUZ) -- For Archer City Superintendent C.D. Knobloch, the past four days have not been easy.

Students at Archer City High School are accused of chanting "build a wall" toward rival Fort Hancock students during a regional volleyball tournament last Friday night.

Fort Hancock High is primarily Hispanic and located on the Texas Mexico border.

The chant was in reference to Donald Trump's campaign policy on immigration.

A picture making the rounds social media shows Archer City students waving Trump Pence campaign signs during the game.

School officials cannot confirm the students in the picture were responsible for the chant.

Knobloch says he never heard it, but issued an apology on behalf of the district.

In a statement, he says;

After the game we were made aware of these comments that came from our student fan section concerning building a wall. We believe the comment did happen. I'm sorry it happened and I wish we could take it back.

The superintendent told me off camera the controversy has cast a negative light on the school.

Students I talked to who were at the game told me they didn't hear the chants...they wouldn't talk on camera.

Superintendent Knobloch also says stricter rules will go into place for the fan section at games.

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