Bowie's North Central Texas College campus is expanding

Bowie's North Central Texas College campus is expanding

BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) - The city of Bowie is moving forward with the expansion of its North Central Texas College Campus.

At the Bowie city council meeting Tuesday night, plans to add an Industrial Technology Center to the campus were given the green light.

This project is coming together thanks to the Bowie 4B Sales Tax Corporation, and this is not the first time the NCTC has teamed up with the city's 4B board.

The two have been working together since 1999 when they built the current campus, and now the second phase is in the works.

"This facility will be our second largest and the most technologically advanced of our ITCs," said Doctor Brent Wallace, NCTC President.

Doctor Wallace said adding an ITC to the existing campus will benefit students in Montague County and the surrounding communities.

The 8,750 square feet facility will offer tech courses like Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Industrial Mechanic classes and will take about 400 students

Ward Wallace, President of the Bowie 4B Economic Board, said the addition will give students the chance to earn Associate Degrees and transfer to Universities.

"Our students are able to get dual credits if they are going to college, so here is an opportunity for welding, electrical, oil and gas," said Ward Wallace.

"They are going to move the oil and gas part over to the new facility and increase the nursing in the original building. I think it's a positive all the way around," said Ward Wallace.

Andrew Campbell, a NCTC welding student, said he is excited about the expansion and the convenience it will add.

"I think it will be a great thing to have around here students like me who wouldn't have to drive all the way to Gainesville or Graham to go to school," said Campbell.

Soon those tech classes will be offered at the Bowie campus.

Ward Wallace said the total cost of the ITC is about $2.9 million, and the 4B Board is funding 100-percent of the project.

He adds they will pay for half of it, and the rest is coming from a revenue bond, and the city of Bowie will maintain the building and the grounds.

Ward Wallace said the citizens own the 4B Board, so they own the existing campus and will own the new ITC building too.

Now that the city has approved the economic development negotiations for this project, the next step is for the 4B to hold two public hearings, where citizens can voice their concerns about the expansion or ask any questions.

The first public hearing will be November 28th at Bowie City Hall.

Ward Wallace said construction will start within 60 to 90 days after the public hearings.

He hopes to have the ITC completed by 2018.

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