Court continues Thursday for Brooks Trial


The Jury has been selected for the trial of what prosecutors are calling a drug deal gone south. 

Blayne Brooks plead not guilty Wednesday to the murder of Domanic Thrasher last June.
Both sides stated their opening arguments Wednesday afternoon the Prosecuting Attorney, John Gillespie called two witnesses to the stand, one of those witnesses was Brandon Dons. He said he was outside doing yard work when he heard the gunshots and a black suburban fleeing from the scene with a gun hanging out the window.
Another witness was Detective Brad Love with the Wichita Falls Police department.  He said when Thrasher got to the hospital, the department obtained a bullet casing. 
Love said the Wichita Falls police department impounded and searched the suburban and found marijuana and a bullet hole in the door.
The trial is set to continue Thursday morning at 9 with more witnesses.