Second day of Brooks trial continues

Second day of Brooks trial continues

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The second day of the trial of Blayne Brooks ended Thursday afternoon with the original interview investigators had done with Brooks in August of 2015. Brooks said in his interview with investigators that he had not been in contact with Dominic Thrasher since they had graduated from high school.

Witnesses that live in the area where Thrasher was murdered took the stand Thursday to testify about what they remember from that day June 2, 2015.

One of those witnesses who lives in the area testified that he has surveillance cameras set up around his house.  Footage from those cameras showed a black S-U-V like the one seen at the murder driving by his house at a high rate of speed.

His cousin also took the stand, testifying that she and a friend were outside playing basketball when she heard gun shots.  She testified that she ran to the neighbor's yard and saw a man who looked like her cousin laying on the ground.

Brooks is charged with pulling the trigger on Thrasher last June during a drug deal.