Live Pink: Rosey's Story

Live Pink: Rosey's Story

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - For the past month we've been living pink here at Newschannel 6. We took a look at breast cancer and how it impacts the lives of so many in Texoma. 
This is the story of one Wichita Falls woman who says two women sitting behind a booth encouraged her to get a mammogram, which likely saved her life.

Rosey Scruggs is a wife, mother, grandmother, and amazing painter.
She even has her own art studio behind her home that she calls her slice of heaven, but in 2009 when she started her job at United Regional, her world forever changed.

"Going to cafeteria for lunch one day and Susan Young and Ellen Cannon are there promoting mammograms. I was 48 and hadn't had one yet and I thought I better do that and so I did and when it come back they saw something," Rosey said.

She continued, "Everyone goes there when you hear something like that but your friends and family are saying its nothing this happened to me once it's nothing."

After the 2nd mammogram, they found it was something, it was cancer.  
While the options were overwhelming, Rosey says it was caught early so she was able to talk it over with her family, and made the tough decision of having a Bi Lateral Mastectomy. 
A decision she says that proved to be the right one. 

"Because they found cancer on the right side that the mammogram did not pick up."

While she is enjoying life today, she says the decision 7 years ago to get a mammogram saved her life. 

"I was busy like so many of us and I came from a large family and we had no cancer in the family and so it really never crossed my mind that it would affect me."

Her journey is now impacting so many, from the largest groups running in race for a cure, to her three daughters who will soon need to have their own check ups done.

The three have the same tattoo in honor of their mom, saying it was important for them to remember the struggle she went through.
They will also be taking there mom's advice and making sure when it's time, go for yearly mammograms.

"I feel like its very important now since that's all taken place, it's something you don't think about you know at that age, but it is something that I will do every year continuously," one of her daughters said.

I feel like I'm more empowered because I've gained a lot of knowledge about the process and been through it, and so I want to tell people, you can do this. It might be a little tougher tomorrow so be strong today," Rosey said.