Select teachers with WFISD receive "Idea Grant"

Select teachers with WFISD receive "Idea Grant"

Some teachers across Wichita Falls were in for a surprise Friday morning.  Several in the Wichita Falls Independent School District were awarded "Idea Grants" to help teachers with funds to make good on ideas that will be a good addition to the district.

Vanessa Collier is one of the winners of the "Idea Grant" and was surprised with balloons, a check and a cheering crowd.

"There are just no words," said Collier.  "I'm just so excited."

She and 28 other WFISD teachers were each awarded with a grant to help better the district.

Collier hopes with her money, she can help her students become better readers.

"It's for phonics reading rods," said Collier.   "The students can use their phonic skills and reading skills and writing skills to form sentences and to really decode their words to become better readers."

For BTW reading teacher, Kristen Sarafis, she plans on adding new editions to her inventory of learning. 

"We have a lot of great students here," said Sarafis.   "It's great to have books on their level so they can succeed."

For Melanie Wolf, the grant is a blessing in her classroom she feels is full of blessings.

"The kids deserve so much," said Wolf.  "This is something that is going to be so helpful for them."

Veronica Hunt will use themed writing baskets to get her kids excited about using words to express their thoughts.

"I'm excited to be able to do this for our class and to implement this idea so just very excited," said Hunt.  "I just thank you for supporting the teachers and helping us just go the extra step for them and helping support our students and our classes."

The district said it is unique ideas, like the one LaChandra Hooper presented that keeps the grants coming each year.

"Our students are going to have the chance to make a garden," said Hooper.   "One of the classes that we learn every kid should have fun playing in the dirt and learning outdoor Science."

While thankful, Hooper was happy she was among the winners. 

"I would tell the WFISD foundation thank you so very much," said Hooper.  "I teach 1st grade we get excited."

The WFISD foundation has been awarding the "Idea Grant" to help teachers with great ideas in WFISD for more than 30 years.