Preparing your house pipes and plants for winter weather

Preparing your house pipes and plants for winter weather

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - While many of Texomans are preparing for Saturday's freeze, you may also want to get your plants ready for the cold too.

When it comes to plants, not all of them are going to feel the chill.

Katherine Smith, the owner of Smith's Gardentown said fall vegetables like cabbage, spinach and broccoli will be fine.

She adds, so will pansies, trees and shrubs, but there are some plants that need protection.

"If you had some of your house plants outdoors, like tropical plants, they would have to be brought in right away. They don't like temperatures below 45, so it's time to get them in," said Smith.

She adds, other plants that cannot handle the freezing temperatures are tomato and pepper plants.

Smith said cover those up, but do not use plastic to do so, instead use a light weight blanket or a frost blanket.

"That will give you three or for degrees of protection from a light frost, but they won't help if it's really cold," said Smith.

Your plants are not the only thing that can be impacted by freezing temperatures. As Texoma prepares for the winter, pipe precaution is also good to know.

In order for pipes to freeze the temperature has to be below freezing for 24 consecutive hours.

Keith Walser, a Master Plumber at Brian's Plumbing, said any pipes that you see on the outside of your home can freeze.

He said be sure your pipes are properly insulated, and cover those outside pipes that are exposed. To do this, use heat tape to wrap them.

Walser said--- if you have any faucets on an outside wall, open the cabinet doors to let in some of the heat from your home.

If you have a problem with faucets that freeze frequently, let them drip because water does not freeze when it's moving.

You also want to protect your outside water hydrants with a water cover. You can buy one at your local hardware store.

Just slide it over the hydrant, hook it to the handle and tighten it up by pulling the string attached to it.

If you have a vacant house with no electricity there are some other ways you need to prep it for the winter. Like draining the water heater and pouring anti-freeze in toilet bowls and the tanks. Also, pour a little down your sinks.

Walser said even if water is turned off, pipes still need to be wrapped, because they hold water and can freeze.

SkyWarn 6 Chief Meteorologist Ken Johnson wants to remind Texomans, Saturday morning's freeze will not put your house's pipes in jeopardy.

However, Walser said when those temperatures do become a threat, copper pipes and Pex pipes can both freeze, but adds Pex is more resistant to busting.

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