Around 30.5 million Americans are driving to their Thanksgiving destination

Around 30.5 million Americans are driving to their Thanksgiving destination

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Nice weather this Thanksgiving week is making conditions nearly perfect for holiday travelers.

48.7 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles this week and 30.5 million will be driving to their destinations.

This means a lot more cars are going to be on roadways, especially between Dallas and Oklahoma City.

DPS Trooper Dan Buesing is looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday but said law enforcement officials will be vigilant this week and weekend to catch reckless drivers.

"We want everyone to get to their destination safely just like we want to get back to our families safely every day after our shift," Buesing said.

Domonicka Moore of North Carolina flew into Lawton to help a loved one move to Fort Sill but has plans to drive to Oklahoma City for the holiday weekend.

"I have a couple family members in Oklahoma City that I haven't seen in like ten years," Moore said.

As she makes her way OKC for the holiday she will keep her cell phone on 'do not disturb' in an effort to keep distractions at bay.

"(That way) my text messages don't come through. I'm more inclined to peep at it so (I'll be) using 'do not disturb' and just keeping my navigation on," Moore said.

Along with keeping distractions inside the car in check, Buesing said being defensive drivers when roadways are busy is just as important.

"Don't just focus on the car in front of you. Actually be defensive. Look out in front of that next car and see what the other motorists are doing," he said.

More than 28,000 citations were given out during the Thanksgiving holiday last year and 219 people were arrested for DWI's.

DPS troopers will be patrolling around-the-clock looking for drunk drivers, speeders, seat belt violators and reckless drivers.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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