Testimony in Brooks Trial

O'Brien shares testimony in court
Brooks is charged with shooting Thrasher in June 2015
Brooks is charged with shooting Thrasher in June 2015

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) -- Court continued this morning where Haden Swagerty took the stand. Swagerty, a former drug dealer and boyfriend of Whitney O'Brien, spoke about his interaction with Thrasher and his concerns about O'Brien's well-being after the shooting.

A Wichita Falls investigator also took the stand, presenting text messages from the phones of both Justin Love and Blayne Brooks. The two shared texts and phone calls hours after the shooting took place. One of the texts said, as long as no one talks well be golden.

This murder trial is expected to conclude sometime next week

Court is in recess until next Monday.

Tuesday, Whitney O'Brien one of the key figures in this case took the stand this morning and shared what she remembered from that day.

O'Brien was one of the drug dealers the day Thrasher was murdered and was in the car when the shots were fired.

She says Thrasher tried to run out of the SUV without paying for the drugs and she tried to grab him. As Thrasher attempted to run Justin Love, the driver that day, told Blayne Brooks to shoot Thrasher.

O'Brien says she could tell Thrasher was not dead after the initial gun shot as the car drove away.

She says she was scared and wanted to tell police but did have the courage to do so.

After the shooting the three then stopped at Love's house on Kimberly Lane.

Loves wife, who also took the stand Tuesday, was at that house told the jury that Justin called her before arriving at the house telling her to remove all the drugs and guns from the house.

When the three arrived she says Brooks and O'Brien seemed shaken.

Love's wife said she overheard Love tell Brooks to dispose of the gun by tossing it into a lake.

That gun has still not been found.

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