Heroes of Texoma: Young mother plans to make military service her career

Heroes of Texoma: Young mother plans to make military service her career

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A woman who has been in the military for only a year is ready to make serving our country her career.

Karlesha Clark was born in the metroplex and raised in Wichita Falls. A graduate of Wichita Falls High School, Clark was active in the JROTC program.

"I remember my uncle coming back from Hawaii when I was in third grade and I (saw) him in uniform and I said that I wanted to join the military," Clark said.

She went on to Cameron University on a ROTC scholarship. In 2014 she had her son.

"I decided it would be better for me and him (to have) the stability. I can travel and do school as well," she said.

Clark said being away from her son for months at a time is hard, the experience is already paying off.

"I've got to do a lot of things I haven't done, like riding on a plane for the first time," Clark said.

Another thing she is grateful for is the people she had met thus far.

"They help you. They try to guide you to be a better soldier and a better person," Clark said.

Clark is preparing to be deployed for nine months in Kuwait. She is excited about what the future holds for her as she serves our country.

"I love it now," Clark said.

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Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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