Local shelter requests help from the community

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Faith Mission is looking to begin the process of upgrading a section of showers in building, but before they can do that, they are needing help from the community.

"It has been something that has needed to be done for a while," said Site Director, Clay Kahler.  "The showers have not really been updated since the building was built."

Kahler said that although the project has been a long time coming, other projects needing to be done took priority over renovating the showers.  He said one of the problems is not all the showers work.

"A total of 12 shower heads in there and currently only four of them are working," said Kahler.  "So with the number of people we have coming in seeking our services, that's really not balancing out."

The result is longer lines and wait times for the showers.

"We're looking anywhere in between 50 and 70 possibly in a night," said Kahler.   "Then we also have guests that come in off the street just for a meal and a shower and that could jump that number up into you know well over 100 sometimes on a busy night."

He said the lack of showers is not the only problem.

"Some tile that needs to be replaced," said Kahler.  "We are going to re-tile the floor we also need to do some water proofing and just some general upgrades to the facility."

Kahler said the need for new tiles is for safety reasons.

"The water proofing that exists has broken down to the point to where we have water seeping out of the shower and under the wall and into the hallway which is both a safety and a health issue," Kahler said.  "One of the things we are going to do is membrane that place and keep the water where it is supposed to be."

The project is not coming without a cost.  Chief Development Officer for Faith Mission, Vicky Payne said the project has a budget of $12,000 and it can't be done without help from the public.

"We always need cash donations and that goes a long way," said Payne.  "You can donate in honor for in someone in memory for the holidays you can designate that for the shower project or un-designated would go where it is needed for both shelters."

Kahler hopes they can start the renovations as soon as possible.

"Many of the guys here have part time jobs and some of them work in the food services," said Kahler.  "So they have to can get themselves cleaned up and be presentable and get out in the work force."

Kahler said while their biggest focus is renovating the men's showers, there are plans to update the other showers in the facility.