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Blayne Brooks sentenced to 60 years in prison

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The Blayne brooks murder trial has concluded. The jury heard from Domanic Thrasher's mother and coach. Both said he was a great kid. His coach said he did not know Thrasher was involved in drugs. His mother said she knew but was hoping he would turn his life around. They also heard from Brooks parents and grandmother who said Justin Love was a bad influence on their son and grandson.

During closing arguments, the prosecution said the act was premeditated, while the defense said Brooks did go to meet Thrasher with the intent to kill thrasher if he tried to steal the drugs.

Sentencing in the Blayne Brooks murder trial began on Wednesday morning with multiple character witnesses being brought up to the stand.

Court proceedings began at 9 a.m. on Wednesday. The jury handed Brooks a guilty verdict on Tuesday in a Wichita County courtroom.
It took the jury just under an hour to return a guilty verdict. Brooks was found guilty of the 2015 murder of Dominic Thrasher.

Brooks has been sentenced to 60 years in prison.

      "You just saw a massive cover up with really no remorse at all from this defendant," John Gillespie, the Assistant District Attorney said. "I think justice was served today. He fired six or seven shots. If you think about that, he pointed a gun at another human being and kept pulling the trigger over and over. And I think that's why he's being locked up for 60 years."

Whitney O'Brien and Justin Love have also been charged with the same crime in the case. However, all parties involved said Brooks pulled the trigger.

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