2 colleges teach 3 WFISD elementary schools about higher education

2 colleges teach 3 WFISD elementary schools about higher education

WICHITA FALLS, TX - 2 colleges in Wichita Falls had 45 5th graders on their campus today to promote the importance of higher education.

The "Road to College" field trip is run through Café con Leche and organizers said they do it so that they can start preparing kids for college on everything from admission, financial aid and getting that degree.

"They are way more ahead than I was when I was 11 years old," said Vice President of Midwestern State University, Dr. Keith Lamb.

Vernon College and MSU hosted 3 WFISD elementary schools Wednesday to give a better idea to students on what it means to be in college.  This is an idea is something founder Gonzalo Robles said is important to start early.

"The sooner that we expose the students to the culture the better," said Robles.   "Especially when they have not been exposed so maybe their families do not have a college education."

One of the students taking part in the program is Elisa Dease.  She wants to grow up and be a singer.
"College is really important and that you can do different things other than just English, Math and things like that," said Dease.

Another student is Megan Beavers who said her favorite part was the room that trains people to become paramedics.
"It was pretty good for all of us showing us what we can do and some opportunity on different things we can do around the campus," said Beavers.

MSU Vice President Dr. Keith Lamb said he is a fan of the program.

"The earlier we can expose them to college and to the possibilities of college and the possibilities that it has for their lives beyond college the better," said Lamb.  "I think that is good to start building that college going culture."

Robles said he started this program to give back to the community.

"I know what a college education has done for me," said Robles.  "I want the same for those students."

Robles said this program started about 5 years ago.  That first group of students are now sophomores in high school.  He said the end goal is to keep students local when they go to college and even after college.  That way they can contribute to the community.