WF City Council member resigns

WF City Council member resigns

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Wichita Falls City Councilman Tom Quintero has resigned his seat on the council.
Quintero put in his resignation because of a new job offer with the U.S. government that is taking him out of Wichita Falls.

While serving on the council, Quintero worked for a defense contractor at Fort Sill. When a contract ended and a new one was delayed, he had to look for a new job. 
With two kids in college, Quintero said he could not find the kind of job he needed to support his family. So, he had to look outside of the area.

"I was able to find a job that is pretty much in line with what my career path was and what my skill sets are as far as strategic planner, curriculum designs, system designs, training and developer. All those pieces all fall into this job and it was just a good fit," he said.

His resignation went into effect on December 1st. Quintero said he had a great time as councilman for district 5 and he is sad he could not serve another term.

This leaves two city council seats open. District 1 is also vacant, which was formerly held by Mayor Stephen Santellana. Santellana's seat should be filled by next Tuesday. Following an open application process, two candidates have already been interviewed and two more will be interviewed in the coming days. The nominee will be presented to the council in executive session and voted on. Santellana hopes this new candidate will be sworn in by the end of that city council meeting. The process to fill Quintero's seat will be the same. Santellana hopes to have Quintero's seat filled by the first city council meeting in January.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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