Archer City students move into new building

Archer City students move into new building

ARCHER CITY, TX (KAUZ) - Big changes are in store for Archer City Junior and Senior High School.  On Monday, students will walk into a new school for the first time.

"It's really exciting to see a new change that has brought so many people together," said senior Maeley Herring.  "I know the community is going to be very proud of just the overall experience."

It began more than a year and a half ago when Archer City voters passed a bond to build a new school.  The old school was 90 years old.  Superintendent CD Knobloch and the school board felt a new school for 7th through 12th graders was long overdue.

"We went through many plans and settled on demolition of the old building and put a new building on its track," said Knobloch.

Not everyone in Archer City liked the idea of tearing down the historic school.  Many of them went there and didn't want to see it demolished.

"It was risky you know we were not out to divide the community here," said Knobloch.  "We're out to help kids prepare for their future."

The new building will have computers and smart TVs in every classroom.

English teacher Carol Campbell watched the new building being built from the ground up.

"I watched the progress through a little window," said Campbell.  "I could watch it coming up in baby steps."

She graduated from the old school and has taught there for more than 30 years.  Seeing it come down was sad. 

"It's a sweet building, I'll have to admit that we hated to see it go," said Campbell.  "It was hard for a lot of people who were graduates here to say goodbye to a landmark."

Bricks from the old school were saved and will be displayed in the new building.

Senior Erin Mcgregor who has gone to Archer City since Kindergarten said it is important for the old building to be remembered.

"I've always been proud of where we are from," said Mcgregor.  "I've been proud of the old building.  I've always loved it but this one is going to be so new and so nice and I'm going to be so proud."

There is still landscaping to be done around the campus.  The last cleaning crew will make their way through the building Sunday night for everything to be ready for Monday.

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