Newcastle Christmas in the Park shows off new playground

NEWCASTLE, TX (KAUZ) - The final touches to a playground were unveiled Saturday afternoon in Newcastle.

An effort to raise money for a slide in the city park began more than two years ago by 11-year-old Cole Phillips.

He asked to set up donation jars around town during a city council meeting. That is where Cole met Mayor Gina Maxwell.

From there The Cole Project was born and fundraising efforts began to gain steam.

Saturday, those efforts were shown off to the entire city during the Christmas in the Park celebration.

A monument, that sits right outside the new playground, was unveiled.

Donors and people who donated 'in memory of' were engraved on the monument.

A special spot on the bottom was reserved for the late Kurt McCord. The publisher of the Olney Advocate helped Cole and Mayor Maxwell raise the more

than $20,000 needed for the park upgrades.

His mother attended the event and was there as the monument was revealed. 
"It's very overwhelming. It's rewarding. It's a mix of emotions. Having Kurt's family here is an honor, a blessing. I just feel extremely blessed," Mayor Maxwell said.

Both Cole and Maxwell were excited to see the new playground bring the city park to life just in time for Christmas.

"I take none of this for granted. This time I mean it more than ever, but thank you," Cole said.

Maxwell said more events will be held at the city park in the future to encourage more families to come out and spend quality time together.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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