WF city council close to filing two vacancies

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Numerous positions currently sit vacant on the Wichita Falls city council, but that will soon change.
Two different spots are going to be filled at Tuesday's meeting.
Four people have been interviewed by the city for the District 1 seat, formerly held by current Mayor Stephen Santellana.
Council will decide who they want to take the seat Tuesday morning in executive session.
Mayor Santellana has held that spot for the last year and a half.
He said he wants someone to take the job that plans on re-running in nine months.
    "We've got a lot of new faces coming in," Mayor Santellana said. "And I got some people coming in next year. Hopefully if I can really get a solid council and keep the same people in there, we can kind of move forward and make some good decisions."
He is looking forward to swearing someone in Tuesday.
    "Hopefully that person will be in the audience," Mayor Santellana said. "Towards the end of the council session we will swear them in and let them sit down for probably the last five to ten minutes of the council meeting."
Council members will also appoint a Mayor Pro Tem, formerly held by District 4's Tim Ingle, who is no longer on council after reaching his term limit.
Mayor Santellana said he expects council to nominate one of the councilors with previous experience.
The city will also accept the resignation of District 5 councilor Tom Quintero, who is moving out of the area for a job opportunity.
Mayor Santellana said the city will begin advertising for applications to fill that spot this week.
The cutoff date for the District 5 spot is December 14th.
Mayor Santellana told us he hopes to fill the seat by the beginning of the year, but everything will depend on how many applications the city gets.
Stay with 6 as will be at the meeting Tuesday and bring you the latest details.

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