WF city council grants fund for tuberculosis program

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Wichita Falls city council passed an ordinance Tuesday granting $23,449 dollars to the Health Department for their tuberculosis program.
Lou Kreidler, Director of Health, said the annual federal grant helps the health department test for active cases in the area.
She added it is very important given how many cases the area has seen in the past.
    "Last year we investigated five tuberculosis cases," Kreidler said. "Three of those were found to be active tuberculosis cases that were in the lung itself. We treated those and maintained those individuals on treatment."
Kreidler added that once you test positive for tuberculosis, you will always test positive.
But there are ways you can control it.
The health department uses the funds to test for active cases at places like Midwestern State University,
The Salvation Army and some of the isolated areas on the edge of town.

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